About me, what I do, and how I achieve it

Who I am

I am a freelance web developer based in Derbyshire, UK, with over 17 years experience in various aspects of web development. From back-end programming, to crafting amazing websites, I've been helping agencies across the East Midlands since 2006.

What do I do?

Having worked with many clients on many projects, my work has spanned from FTSE100 enterprise level ecommerce development, to creating simple business marketing websites as an always-on sales tool.

Having focus as a freelance web developer I get to be fastidious over the bits that make the biggest difference, and building fast and efficient websites that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also as accessible to use for as many people as possible.

Technologies I Use

Using some of the latest technologies in modern website development, projects are delivered using:

  • CMS:

    • 100% Bespoke
    • Craft CMS Craft CMS
    • Sanity Sanity
  • Frameworks:

    • Next.js Next.js
    • Astro Astro
    • .NET / .net Core .NET / .net Core
  • SaaS and Tools:

    • Shopify Shopify
    • Webflow Webflow logo
    • GreenSock GSAP GreenSock GSAP
  • Tools:

    VS Code, Git, Docker

Hold on, no WordPress?

Having worked in web for so long I’ve always been aware of WordPress, but for me it's always been a conscious effort to not be involved in WordPress. This is mainly due to the lack of any real advancements in the platform in this time, with the main editor only really seeing change in the last couple of years.

Some companies thrive using WordPress and this is absolutely a positive, but for me, the platform has never evolved to an extent that it should have for the user of the CMS, only for the developers.


Over my time in web development I have had the opportunity to use a lot of different technologies broadening my skill set. Some of these are (but not exclusive to):

  • Backend:

    .NET C#, .net Core, SQL/MSSQL, MySQL, Redis, PHP, Docker, Git
  • Frontend:

    JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Alpine.js, Astro, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, and jQuery (🤫)
  • Hosting:

    IIS, Linux/Ubuntu

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