Web development

At the core of what I do, web development is the main service that I offer with other services revolving around this.

The areas covered in web development are vast and fall under this term. If you have a requirement then it’s best getting in touch and discussing it to better understand what you need.

Some web development tasks that I can help with are:

Marketing websites:

  • Start-up business websites
  • SME website
  • FMCG websites
  • Simple single page website
  • Small-medium multi-page websites
  • Large many-page marketing websites

Ecommerce websites:

  • Small-medium sized ecommerce websites
  • Large ecommerce sites - contact me

Programming/custom developments:

  • Custom code development for a CRM integration, email marketing, ecommerce product interactions.
  • In-page or full-page animation, page transitions
  • Highly interactive pages, such as quote builders, product ordering/customisation, information exploration

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Performance Audit

Ensuring your site is working well is extremely important. In the same way you’d service and MOT a car, looking at how the site is operating, its speed, and what it’s using in order to display what on screen, are the types of information that needs to be kept on top to ensure everything is in good working order.

It’s extremely easy to add more and more to a website that ultimately then gets underused, or not used at all, causing a website to slow down.

Ensuring the site is also built correctly and optimally is also critical to a site working well and delivering on its goals.

What's in an audit?

Undertaking a performance audit may include:

  • Running Google Lighthouse audit as a baseline and picking any low-hanging fruit to make quick-win improvements
  • Analysing the website styling (CSS) and interactive parts (Javascript) for its usage and looking for opportunities to remove old/unused parts
  • Checking appropriately size images are delivered to different screen sizes/devices
  • Analysing how static assets, such as images, CSS, JavaScript is delivered
  • Checking server capabilities for modern technologies, such as delivering next-gen image formats, caching headers for static assets, such as images, CSS, Javascript.

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