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Current availability

Smaller / BAU type job availability

2-3 day turnaround

Project work


August onwards

I have full availability from the 28th August 2023.
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It's best to always be honest and transparent with rates and pricing. See below for my current 2023 rates:

Project rate

This is generally worked out based on a day rate and a 4 day week.
For bigger projects, a discount may be applied depending on the estimated length of the project.

Day rate

Basic HTML development: £275* per day
Frontend only development: £350* per day
All other development: £400-450* per day

It's always best to discuss your requirements this with me first, as depending on the development I may be able to charge the lower day rate.

Hourly rate

Basic HTML development: £50* p/h
Frontend development: £60* p/h
Backend development: £70* p/h

I'm always more keen to work on a day rate as it's more cost effective for you and easier to plan for me. So if you have a few smaller jobs that can be queued up and done in one go, that's going to be better.

*All prices subject to VAT @ 20%

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