Availability & Rates

Current availability

Smaller / BAU type job availability

2-3 day turnaround

Project work



More scope for smaller pieces of work (1-2 days), smaller BAU work can be fitted around other commitments

October - March

I am currently fully booked up now until March 2023.
If it's something you're looking to start from March onwards then I'd be happy to talk.


It's best to always be honest and transparent with rates and pricing. See below for my current 2022 rates:

Project rate

This is generally worked out based on a day rate and a 4 day week.
For bigger projects, a discount may be applied depending on the estimated length of the project.

Day rate

Frontend only development: £350 per day
All other development: £400-450 per day

It's always best to discuss your requirements this with me first, as depending on the development I may be able to charge the lower day rate.

Hourly rate

Frontend development: £60p/h
Backend development: £70p/h

I'm always more keen to work on a day rate as it's more cost effective for you and easier to plan for me. So if you have a few smaller jobs that can be queued up and done in one go, that's going to be better.

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